Education Information

school Tours 2019-2020

Available September 1 – November 7, 2019 and January 20 – May 29, 2020 (Closed Mondays)
Cost: $5 per person
One adult chaperone is required for every eight students. For more information or to schedule a visit please contact 267-502-2995.
Group sizes are limited to 30 people, including teachers and chaperones. Special arrangements can be made for larger groups by emailing

Teachers choose one of two tours that will be coupled with our popular Medieval Stained Glass Program (total visit time is 90 minutes). Outdoor lunch spaces available for bagged lunches upon request.

Program Descriptions:

Medieval Life Tour (45 minutes)
Grades K-8

Immerse your students in the world of knights, monks, peasants, and more with our popular Medieval Life tour! Through tactile experience of objects, students will be asked to step into the perspective of several different Medieval lifestyles while reflecting on current worldviews in comparison. This program highlights the work, beliefs, and daily practices of three groups that make up Medieval society – those who work, those who fight, and those who pray. Students will investigate each of these three groups, while also covering concepts of continuity and change, interpretation of historic artifacts, and the functionality of Medieval society.

Ancient Cultures Tour (45 minutes)
Grades 4-8

Through an exploration of four different cultures, this program addresses the question of how artifacts of ancient cultures demonstrate their worldview and reflect their beliefs and daily practices. Students will be invited to engage with objects and practices of ancient Egypt, the ancient Near East, and ancient Greece and Rome, covering concepts such as continuity, change, and physical and human geography. Students will also be encouraged to reflect on their own place within the shared human experience. In addition, students will be invited to enjoy the view from Glencairn’s tower and hear about the history of the building and the Pitcairn family.

Stained Glass Program (45 minutes)
Customized to serve a wide range of grade levels

(always paired with one of the above tours – included in $5 visit fee)

Explore one of Glencairn Museum’s most visually stunning features in this verbally interactive stained glass program. Students will be guided through decoding the symbolism found in Medieval stained glass, gaining the knowledge to “read” windows for themselves! The interactive nature of the program engages students and encourages student-led inquiry and discovery. Aspects of both the arts and humanities are brought together by examining the use of expressive symbolism, analyzing artwork from historic and cultural perspectives, and encouraging students to reflect on their own experience of symbolic artwork.