Glencairn Museum and Cairnwood Estate
A Corner of Glencairn's Great Hall
The Mosaic Archway in Glencairn's Great Hall
Corbels and Mosaics in Glencairn's Great Hall
Close-up of Corbel in Glencairn's Great Hall
A 20th Century Capital in Glencairn's Great Hall
Raymond and Mildred Pitcairn's Hand-Carved Teak Bedframe
Glencairn's Chapel Ceiling
An Egyptian Libation Bowl
Libation Bowl close-up
Mummy Case in Glencairn's Egyptian Gallery
Sculptures in Glencairn's Egyptian Gallery
Taoist Dignitary in Glencairn's Far Eastern Gallery
A View of the Displays in Glencairn's Greek Gallery
"Minerva-Victoria" in Glencairn's Roman Gallery
Roman Isis
A Sculpture in Glencairn's Roman Gallery
The American Indian Gallery in Glencairn Museum
A Mask in Glencairn's American Indian Collection
Medieval Sculpture in Glencairn's Library
12th Century window depicting the Flight into Egypt
Raphael Tapestry of Christ and His Apostles
Illumination of the Virgin and Child
Medieval Captial depicting the Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man
Ancient Assyrian Genii in Glencairn's Ancient Near East Gallery
An Islamic Prayer Rug in Glencairn Museum's Collection
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