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Workshop | Sacred Adornments

$35/person. Ages 16 and up. No experience necessary; all materials included.
Registration required by Monday, February 11. Call 267-502-2990 or email to register.

The session on February 16 is SOLD OUT. A second session has been added on Saturday, February 23, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Call 267-502-2990 to register today.

Custom tour featuring rarely seen ancient Egyptian jewelry from our vault, followed by a make-your-own beading workshop focusing on the symbolism of beads throughout history, with an emphasis on symbols that come from nature. There will be a bead marketplace for purchase of special beads, in addition to the beads provided as part of the workshop.

Artist statement from the instructor, Gail Simons:
I have been fascinated with beads from around the world starting with my first viewings of National Geographic magazines in second grade. Through the years I have studied beads as to the materials from which they are created, their symbolism, and their history. Beads have been used for body décor since the first cave person put a cord through a stone with a hole in it. In making my jewelry I look for the story the beads have to tell and try to bring that alive through creative design. One goal is that my inspiration as the artist is translated into jewelry that might then inspire the wearer.