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The Apocalypse of John: Twenty-Five Paintings by G. Roland Smith

Saturdays 1:00 to 4:30 pm; weekdays by appointment.

Admission: Donations Welcome

The Apocalypse of John, also known as the Book of Revelation, is the final book of the Bible. In it we find a kaleidoscope of striking images: a dragon that sweeps the stars from the sky, a locust army with scorpion stings, a golden city of light, a tree with leaves that can heal the nations. These are word-pictures, frequently multi-layered and startling, especially in the way disparate images are combined. Over the past ten years the British artist and graphic designer G. Roland Smith has attempted to translate these word-pictures into visual images. This exhibition features twenty-five of his paintings, illustrating subjects from nearly every chapter in the Apocalypse of John.